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May. 27th, 2008

Alright kids, here is our first discussion post. I'm sure most everyone is past this or done. But I figured we could all talk about it some. Because I'm dying to talk to someone. I might make a chat on Thursday night, just let me know how you feel about that.

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Okay, so Snuff came out yesterday, I'm thinking by Saturday most everyone should have it. So by next week Wednesday say we should all have about 4-5 chapters read. I'll make a post so we can have a discussion about those chapters, if you haven't read all of them yet, don't worry, and if you read ahead don't worry. I'm a fast reader so I'll probably finish. But I'll make posts every few days for certain chapters so we can talk about it and if everyone wants we can do chats!

- Alexis
Alright, for the people that check this. Our first book, I think, is going to be Snuff by Chuck P. It comes out May 20something and you can pre-order it on Amazon. I think it's like $12. I'm not really sure how this is going to work. But I figure we start reading it like 2 days after it comes out so that gives everyone time to get it and then we say read chapters 1-4 in x amount of days and we'll make a post and everyone can talk about it.


- Alexis 


Our first book is Size Twelve is not Fat by Meg Cabot.  I am not sure how long it will take everyone to read it, so I reckon we can just play it by ear until we get everything all sorted.


If anyone has any suggestions for books this group should read, post them here.


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